Performance - The P Rating

Uncovered radiators are rated according to room volumes in cubic metres:(length x width x height).

The P Rating assumes rooms are equipped to modern standards of insulation and that your boiler delivers water to the radiator at a minimum of 75˚C(entry temperature of ∆T50).


For one year from date of purchase we pledge to accept the return and make full refund of the purchase price, of any radiator selected according to the SBH P Rating, if you are not completely happy with its performance.

How to use the SBH P Rating

1. Measure your room's length, width and height in metres.

2. Multiply length x width x height = P Rating.

3. Add 10% for downstairs rooms, concrete floors and fully tiled walls.

4. Choose an SBH Radiator with a P Rating the same or greater than your calculated P Rating