The Eddisbury

  • Brushed finish as standard, polished available bespoke
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Rust and Flake free
  • 1800 x 250mm / 400 x 1041mm
  • BTU = 1800 x 250mm 3690 / 400 x 1041mm 4948
  • Tapping Centres 1800 x 250mm = 250mm / 400 x 1041mm 1041mm
  • Standard Central Heating System Only 

The Eddisbury is an head turning radiator with its large tubes and elegant look.  Great outputs with this radiator due to the high surface area and nature of the design.

Available in a vertical or horizontal format ideal for lots of different areas around the home.  The low horizontal version is a great radiators for under windows.

The Eddisbury Horizontal
The Eddibury Vertical
Eddisbury Vertical


The Eddisbury is available as a bespoke item and finishes which give great flexibility for any room.

This radiator comes with stainless steel standard mounts that allow for uneven wall adjustments pictured below.

High End Mounts