Manuals & Instructions

In many households we all have the ‘standing joke’ where no-one reads the instructions before assembling a flat pack product. There will be lots of situations where this is absolutely fine.

If you need some extra information please find below a selection of instructions covering our products and some of the accessories that we also supply.

In the event that you need something which is not listed, please get in touch via webchat, email or phone and we will arrange whatever you need.

“Remember, there is no shame in asking for help no matter how trivial you feel the problem is.  If you are not sure, I am here to help as always. 
Tel 01476 572 202 (Option 2) for Technical Support.”

Kev – Technical Manager

How to Install an SBH Radiator

Simple and easy to follow instruction manual

SBH Radiator with Dual Fuel

Using an element in the summer months

How to fit an auto-vent or bleed washer

Adding an Auto-vent or changing a bleed washer

How to bleed your SBH Radiator

Quick guide to letting out the unwanted air

How to change an electrical element

How to swap a failed electrical element