Proven functionality
Meg heating element is one of the most popular microprocessor-controlled heating element regulators in the world. Its commercial success comes from its timeless design as well as practical functions. It has heating medium temperature regulation within 30–60°C as well as a diodes system to indicate both current and set temperature. In addition to those features it has the Anti-Freeze function which protects the heating medium from freezing.

FUNCTIONALITY The MEG heating element offers 5 temperature settings ranging from 30°C to 60°C. An electronic temperature sensor guarantees precise temperature control. The device displays the currently set temperature level and indicates the status of the heating cycle.

INTELLIGENT BUILDING SYSTEMS In the event of a power failure the MEG remembers its previous settings therefore making it suitable for connection to external timers and intelligent building systems.

SAFETY The MEG heating element is equipped with ‘frost’ protection (ANTIFREEZE). It has a double protection against overheating of the radiator. The MEG also displays a warning in case of malfunction It has an active safety feature in case of operation in a dry radiator.

DESIGN The MEG heating element is supplied with a straight cable without a plug. It is available with a cable‑masking cover as an optional extra.

COLOUR Available colours: white, silver, chrome and black. The MEG can also be offered in any RAL colour and Terma special colours (including brass and gold) subject to a minimum order of 100 pcs per colour.


  • Classic looks
  • 5-step temperature regulation in a range between 30° and 60°C
  • Displaying current and set temperature
  • Working mode indicator
  • double overheating protection
  • Heating element protection against dry functioning
  • Exceptional ergonomics – large, legible keys
  • ANTIFREEZE function, protection against temperatures below 5-7°C
  • Symmetrical housing (can be installed on the left or right side)


Power: – 230V/50Hz
Available output power: –  300, 400, 600W
Protection devices: – Klasa I
Radiator connection: – 1/2”
Ingress protection [IP]: – IPx4