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SBH Radiators 2016 Ltd are the UK’s finest manufacturing specialist of stainless steel radiators for bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. Our craftmanship, attention to detail and ability to provide industry leading support put us in the next level of supplier partner.

Our strength in manufacturing can add significant value to many businesses within the construction sector and we prefer to establish long lasting partnerships with our customers. Whether you have a design office, a dedicated showroom or a construction build project we are able to offer products from stock, additional add on services or create you something completely unique and individual.

As a business buyer you will be entitled to receive a set discount from our Recommended Retail Prices based on your own business personality and how we fit with you as a supplier.  We are always available via web chat, phone or email to provide as much help and guidance as you need.  

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Kathy Smith - Managing Director

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