A timer offers great versatility in conjunction with a heating element giving the user the option to set times for when a towel rail should come on and switch off. Once set simply forget and allow the timers to do the rest.

SBH have 2 versions of a timer which are analogue and digital. The analogue version has a 24 hours on/off function which is set by moving keys to the on or off position in connection with the time of the day/night.

The digital is a 7 day timer and is able to distinguish between the days. Any day can be set to allow the element to be switched on and off at different times or not on/off at all.

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  • SBH et01 24 Hour Analogue Timer

    SBH ET01 24 Hour Timer

    Socket Box Timer
    • General purpose timeswitch
    • Designed to mount directly over a single pattress
    • 24 Hour
    • 15 Minute tappet intervals (24 hour)
    • 16 Amp resistive, 8 Amp inductive
    • Captive tappets
    • Timed / OFF / constant selection
    • Volt free SPDT contacts
    • Not suitable for discharge lighting without contactor

  • SBH 7 Day Digital Timer

    SBH ET02 Digital Timer 7 Day

    • General purpose time switch
    • Designed to mount directly over a single pattress
    • 24 Hour / 7 Day programming
    • 16 Amp resistive, 2.5 Amp inductive
    • Minimum setting 1 minute
    • Timed On/Off or Advance selections
    • 24 memory spaces
    • Day group programming
    • Running reserve 3 years from factory
    • Volt free SPDT contacts
    • Not suitable for discharge or LED lighting without a contactor

  • Thermostatic Towel Rail Controller

    Features and functions

    • 5-step radiator temperature regulation in a range of 30-60 °C
    • IR module for communication with external controller
    • Drying function – with setting of heating power and time (from 1h to 4h)
    • Actual heating time counter – allowing control over power consumption
    • Housing available in 4 colours – white, silver, chrome and black
    • The Terma‑Split connector makes it possible to disconnect the heating element from the controller head.
    • ANTIFREEZE function, protection against temperatures below 5-7°C
    • Symmetrical housing (can be installed on the left or right side)